Rixton - They're in my Heart!

Because of my overflowing Love & Support on Rixton Band this is the result, i made this Tumblr & dedicated to them & to other that have a Rixton Fever all around the world. I will post Rixton updates on they're everyday life. I am so happy to create this fan/support page for the amazing & talented British band:
"R I X T O N"
The Pop/RnB band under the names of:
- Charley Bagnall
- Jake Roche
- Lewi Morgan
- Danny Wilkin

PS : I want to meet them as i want but i'm too far from them. For now my only wish is that they will still notice me on my twitter @HoneyDiva_xox & follow me! That's my X'mas wish this year. Wish me luck guys.

Lastly all the photos that i will posted here is credited on every respective owners especially Rixton Boys. I will tag or link the photos if needed. Enjoy!

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Photo credited from owner on twitter. (i forgot the username)

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